Goods / Machines Available

75 Kw to 2.2 Kw 220v 1p input and 220v 3p output
0.75 Kw to 200Kw  400v 3p input and output

Special Benefits

  • 01 Year Comprehensive one to one replacement Warranty
  • Additional one year service free warranty
  • Quick replacement within few hours
  • Cheepest prices in the market
  • Delivery free of charge
  • Free Installation and engineering service
  • Free installation and engineering service for machine break downs
  • No 01 high quality product in PR China
  • Machines can be taken during 24Hrs
  • 24Hrs engineering service
  • All machine electrical modification services
  • All electrical engineering service
  • All type of VFD repair service (Above 4Kw)

Advantages with the use of Variable Frequency Drives (Inverters) in industry

  • Reduce electricity bill – KVA demand and Kwhrs
  • Smooth starting of machines
  • Reduce high starting currents in motor starting
  • Eliminate the use of throttle valves, air dampers in air blowers
  • Improve product quality
  • Eliminate the use of bulky mechanical speed control systems
  • Smooth speed control of speed of motors
  • Constant torque within a wide range of speeds
  • Smooth stopping with a slope or quick braking as required
  • Reduce material wastages in production
  • protect machine components – Ex. Needles in knitting machines
  • Energy efficient speed control
  • Pre selected multi speed run facility
Free Delivery
Free Installation
(Conditions Apply)